The Tale of Two Fires

March 18, 2006 -- 6:25 PM CST

PARAGOULD, AR -- Downtown Paragould lost several decades of history after a fire destroyed H olland’s Flea Market and Furniture.


Blazing flames destroyed the 37-foot building 10 days ago, and wokers have started the long process of cleaning up the mess.  


"I'm hoping to get out of here by the first of Winter," said Contractor Roy Prather.

It’s not a secret that multiple fires have tarnished businesses in P aragould.   First there was the fire that destroyed the V alley S outh S hopping Center, and then H olland’s building was destroyed.   Although both fires were very similar, officials say the only thing the disasters have in common is debris caused by the burning flames.


“We don't feel like they have anything in common,” said Captain Kerry Murray of the P aragould Fire Department.  “I think it's just an unfortunate mishap that happened a week a part.”


There was a fatality in the fire at H olland’s business, but the victim has not been identified as of yet.


All that's left for the diminished businesses in Paragould to do is reminisce, reflect and rebuild.