Johnny Cash's Band Visits Dyess

March 18, 2006 -- Posted at 9:51 p.m. CST


DYESS, AR-- Two former band mates of country music legend Johnny Cash visited his hometown ofDyess, Arkansas Saturday afternoon to help plan a concert event.


The concert will be held to raise money to build a benefit for Johnny Cash.


Bob Wootton and W.S. Holland have played in Cash’s band, The Tennessee Three, for more than thirty years. 


In the time they played with Cash, the two formed life long friendships.

Now, they are touring again with other members of their band. 


As the only two members of the band who actually played with Cash, they are trying to keep their unique sound alive.


“I want to keep, not necessarily Johnny’s memory alive, but the music and the sound.  That’s what it was all about,” said Bob Wootton.


“We’re just trying to keep the sound of the records that Johnny Cash played going as long as we can,” said W.S. Holland.


Now The Tennessee Three are working closely with city officials in Dyess.


“We’re here to see if we can’t create enough excitement, and raise enough money to build a memorial to Johnny Cash,” said Wootton.      


“Tommy Cash is supposed to be here, Buddy Jewell, The Tennessee Three… we’re just tickled to death.  We're just trying to raise some money to do this memorial and do it right,” said Dyess Mayor Larry Sims.


Hopefully by bringing in groups like The Tennessee Three and singer Barbara Warhurst, the city of Dyess can be revitalized.


“I think it’s fantastic.  I think we’ll grow, and it’ll get bigger every year,” said J.E. Huff, a childhood friend of Cash.


Holland agrees, “This could be an annual event.  It would be a really good deal.”


Residents can't get enough of the sound that The Tennessee Three and Johnny Cash made so popular.


“Today it’s still what it was in 1954.  It’s different,” said Wootton.      


A difference people can associate with Dyess, Arkansas.


The concert will take place in Dyess on July 7th, 8th, and 9th.