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Last Two of Six Who Escaped at El Dorado are Caught

March 19, 2006 - Posted at 1:03 p.m. CST

EL DORADO, Ark. (AP) _ Union County authorities say they've

caught the last two escapees who remained free after six prisoners

escaped from the county jail at El Dorado on

Thursday. Sheriff Ken Jones said deputies apprehended them


The sheriff said 19-year-old Jonathan Davis of El Dorado was

found in the trunk of a car as he tried to leave the city. Davis

had been held in jail pending a juvenile court case in Union County

when he escaped.

And Jones said deputies acting on a tip went yesterday to an

apartment in El Dorado, where they found 24-year-old escapee Carl

Brown of El Dorado. Brown was in jail on aggravated robbery charges

when he escaped. Jones said occupant of the apartment where Brown

was found, Doris Key, was charged with harboring a criminal.

The other four escapees were captured by noon Friday.

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