Legal Aid Attorneys' Lending a Helping Hand

March 20, 2006 -- 5:10 PM CST


JONESBORO, AR -- Attorneys at Legal Aid of Arkansas have implemented a new way to reach out more to the community through their Outreach Program.

There are only five Legal Aid offices in Region 8, and Attorney William Everette said that a lot people are being left out.

“We've got a real shortage of lawyers,” said Everette.  “We've got a shortage of office space…so if we're only located in a few places, we're not serving all the people,” he said.   

The program now gives clients the option to call the Legal Aid office hotline.

“You can call into us, and we can give you advice over the telephone,” said Everette.

The options don’t stop there.   Since most of their clients can't come to their offices, they've decided to set up outreach locations in some of the areas that don't have Legal Aid offices.   Attorney Nicole Pugh said that this will enable them to work with clients face-to-face because some people may not be able to call the hotline.

“Some people feel more comfortable speking with somone in person,” said Pugh.  

Legal Aid attorneys are hard at work everyday, but they said the Outreach Program is just another way to lend a helping hand.

“There are always more people who need our help, than there are of us,” said Pugh.    “We all tend to  try to do as much as we can.”