Hotels May Soon be in Demand

March 21, 2006 -- 6:31 PM CST


JONESBORO, AR -- There are about 92 hotels at Quality Inn and Suites, but they all will be full on Monday and Tuesday.


It's no secret that the Mall at Turtle Creek will be opening soon.   Corporate executives for some of the new stores have been staying in local hotels for months.  


Naz Kazi, General Manager of Quality Inn, said that checking into a hotel may be harder than usual since several businessmen have temporarily made hotel rooms their home.


“They've been staying here for the past two months getting applications…we've been hosting job interviews and fairs in our meeting rooms,” said Kazi.          


Employees haven’t missed a beat on the job.   It was just another day for them.


“We've been busy for the last three months,” said Kazi.


Kazi said that the hotel will soon reach capacity, but he’s not complaining.


“For every one business that comes to town, there's like 10 supporting businesses that comes with it,” said Kazi.         


He said that after things slow down some at the Quality Inn, he will take a break and do a little shopping.