Good Neighbors Helping Mothers Of Angels

March 23, 2006 -- Posted at 2:00 p.m. CST

JONESBORO -- "As I was making these blankets I thought, I knew what my child was, but these mothers that miscarry...they don't know whether they had a boy or girl. These that had a still birth, they didn't get to love em' very long, hold em' very long," baby blanket maker, Frances Montgomery.

The blankets give moms something they can hold onto as they grieve for their lost child.

Mothers of Angels, a support group for mothers who have lost a child, is a beacon of light in a dark situation.

Some moms carry the blankets home from the hospital, and some bury these blankets in the casket next to their child.

"This blanket means that someone cares about me and my loss and that someone understands. When you have suffered a great loss, you are hurting very deeply. You want to know that someone else cares and someone understands what you have been through. It helps you not to feel so alone," said Kelley Huffman.

Huffman recently joined Mothers of Angels.

She had two miscarriages last year, and recently got a blanket.

"It means my babies were special to someone besides me. It means that I am special to someone, and that a whole group of women don't know exactly what I have suffered, but they know I have suffered," said Huffman.

Kelley Huffman is not suffering alone.

An overwhelming number of you, our good neighbors, are comforting these mothers in your own way.

"I called Diana Davis and asked for help. It has really really surprised me. I didn't expect anything like this. You know, I thought maybe 10 or 15 ladies might call at most, and maybe make a blanket for us, but it's just been overwhelming. You know, the messages and phone calls I've gotten. Everytime I play my messages at home at night, I've still got messages on my machine," said Dora Edings.

Dora Edings is a member of Mothers of Angels.

Phone calls from people, strangers, wanting to help.

They are making donations of time, money, and even yarn for the blankets.

Frances Montgomery is one of those volunteers.

"I thought about these mothers as I made the blankets. I put this on my blanket.....I pray that God will comfort you. You see, I am a mother of an angel also. Right now, you may not believe it, but it will get easier--you never forget, but you remember without the ache you have now. May god bless you," said Montgomery.

Once strangers, these Mothers of Angels are now friends.

Knowing how the other feels, and easing the pain of others going through the same thing.

"We share a deep bond, the loss of a child, and that's a very, a very strong thing," said Huffman.

Montgomery says when she is making the blankets she wonders, if it's for a little boy or little girl and how are the mother and daddy coping.

Montgomery has a wish......she says she hopes it's a long time before the blankets are given away.

"If it's sooner rather than later, the blankets are ready to be delivered as a symbol of love, and a sign that someone else cares.