Moving Into the Mall

March 24, 2006 -- Posted at 4:53 p.m. CST


JONESBORO, AR -- The Mall at Turtle Creek opens next Wednesday, and in preparation for the grand opening, stores inside the mall are busy getting ready.


Many businesses are spending the days leading up to the opening unpacking moving trucks and loading that merchandise into their stores.


“Moving day has been a challenge.  Whenever you have a short period to get in 800 cases of shoes, it takes quite a bit of work.  After 12 hour, 15 hour days, we’ll be ready to go,” said Tony Brinkmeier, District Manager for Finish Line.


“We are just unpacking the boxes as they unload them from the truck, and super sorting those, and then we will put the product on the wall,” said Vicki Beaver, Store Manager Trainer for Claire’s.


“500 cartons in and we’ve got about 14 people here helping us move.  We’re moving it in

from the truck to the inside,” said Claire’s District Manager Janice Sharpe-Lacy.

With the limited time left until the opening, everyone is in a frenzy to get everything done.


“The move in is going great.  We’ve got a great bunch of kids, everything is fantastic,” said John McKnight, Store Manager for Finish Line.


“We started three days ago at 8 o’clock in the morning with semi’s arriving.  We’re tired, but we’re happy to be here,” said Brinkmeier.


“Nine o’clock tonight, just to put it into the store.  Then to place the store, it will take us three days,” said Sharpe-Lacy.


“I see the ‘finish line’.  In fact, all of Jonesboro is going to see the ‘finish line’ pretty soon.  I think they’re going to be happy with the store that’s coming.  But for people that are putting the store together, we see the ‘finish line’,” said Brinkmeier.


A finish line we are quickly approaching.


“We have got it kicked out.  We should be ready on the 29th,” said McKnight.