Military Awareness

March 24, 2006 -- 6:05 PM CST


BAY, AR -- Military recruiting can be a challenge and some feel that knowledge is the key to attracting enlistees.


Region 8 Navy Airman Andrew Brown visited his high school alma mater Friday to raise awareness in high school students.  


“I think it's a great opportunity for people like myself  to come back and to talk to high school students and college students and other civic organizations and say, ‘Hey look this is what we're doing,’”said Brown.


He said that the Navy is not for everyone, and his puporse for speaking to Bay High School students was not to make a pitch, but to make them aware.


“I'm not even here to give you the Navy pitch, although I will tell you that the Navy has been good to me and it does offer a lot of opportunities out there,” he said 


High school students listened to Brown as he spoke about life as an Airman.


“In a few months I will be going overseas to Iraq or A fghanistan and fighting the war on terrorism with the brave men and women over there,” said Brown.   


His mother also felt that the younger generation should be aware of the military and the possibility it can create.


“I really would recommend that for any young man or young woman who wants to be patriotic and serve their country in a really practical way,” she said.    


Students were given a chance to ask Brown a few questions.   He said that Friday was their opportunity to get some one-on-one time with a real-life Airman.    


“The Navy is not very represented here in A rkansas being a landlocked state,” he said.   “As a whole, I would say that the military does do a very good job of making itself known to the country.”    


 The United States gives everyone a way to live the American dream, and Brown wanted to ensure that students were aware of the possibility.