Dillard's Has Soft Opening at The Mall at Turtle Creek

March 25, 2006 -- Posted at 9:17 p.m. CST


JONESBORO, AR -- Saturday customers in Region 8 poured into the new Dillard’s store at The Mall at Turtle Creek, anxious to see what the new store had to offer.


One of the biggest draws for Dillard's is playing host to Jonesboro's first escalator.


Part of the opening was ceremonial.  On hand for the opening was 70-year-old Edna Williams.


Williams was the first person to ride the first elevator in Jonesboro, so it seemed only fitting that she be the first to ride the first escalator as well.


“Dillard’s must be proud to be the first,” said Edna Williams.


Soon after the Williams took her ride, the doors to the store opened for the first time to the public.

“I am really amazed.  It’s so big, and the selection is just unbelievable,” said shopper Keith Hall.  


“It’s the latest innovation in store design.  We have increases in lighting, presentation, product, and it’s just an overall more inviting experience,” said Jeffrey Dutton, a Manager at Dillard’s.


“I think it’s awesome.  It’s a big contribution to the community.  We’ve needed this for a long time,” said shopper Michele Reynolds.


“The old store was built in 1967, and there are a lot of differences between this store and that one,” said Dutton.


 “I was anxious to see what it was going to look like.  I can’t believe we have an escalator here.  We’re big time now,” said Hall.


“It offers a lot of things we’ve never had before.  I think it’s awesome,” said Reynolds.


Hopefully the addition of The Mall at Turtle Creek will keep shoppers closer to home.


“It has everything that people have been going to Memphis and Little Rock to find.  From the looks of everything I’ve seen, there’s no where else to go,” said Reynolds.


Dillard’s employees are happy about the move as well.


“We added an additional seventy-five people to our staff.  They’ve worked extremely hard for the last three weeks getting the store together,” said Dutton.