Memorial Service for Paragould Soldier

March 25, 2006 -- 10:45 PM CST

PARAGOULD, AR -- Friends and family of Staff Sergeant Kevin Jessen paid their last respects to him at his Memorial Saturday in Paragould.  


Jessen, a native a P aragould, was an explosive expert and was killed during an explosion in I raq.   His sister, Tracy Miller of P aragould, said that his memory lives on.



“Me and Kevin were best friends, he meant the world to me.”     



The last time that Jessen's family saw him, they never thought that three months later they'd have to say goodbye forever.


“I never expected this in a million years, even though I knew he did dangerous work…until this happened,” said Miller.   



People from all over gathered to pay their last respects to Jessen, who will be remembered as a father, husband, son and hero.   His sister, Kelly Mulvihill of F ort S mith said that there is infinite number of ways to remember her brother.



“A lot of people are saying the same things and it's funny because that's the way I remembered him too....always having a smile, always being real easy going and just always enjoying life,” said Mulvihill.     


Jessen's family plans to keep his memory alive through his 2-year-old son Cameron, who lives in N ew York.


“I think it's important for him to know us,” said Mulvihil.   “He can get to know Kevin through us.”  


Flags were flown half-staff and the people who cared about Jessen most reminisced and relived the good times.  


“I'm gonna miss him awful bad,” said Miller.   “I don't know if I told him I loved him or not the last time I saw him, but I hope I did…I think he knew it.”   

Jessen is survived by his wife Carrie; a son, Cameron; his mother Gracie and his two sisters.