Bomb Scare In Jonesboro Unsolved

March 25, 2006 -- Posted at 11:12 p.m. CST


JONESBORO, AR -- A bomb scare in downtown Jonesboro leaves many unanswered questions.


The situation is now resolved, but for several hours Saturday afternoon, authorities didn't know exactly what they were dealing with.


A call came in to the Jonesboro Police Department around 1:30 p.m. when a strange package was discovered by employees of the Temple Israel Church.


“Officers were told that there was a note left on their door, and also a package.  When they got to the scene, they discovered this suspicious looking package at the foot at the door.  The note contained some language that made the officers believe the package may contain something dangerous,” said Sergeant Stephen McDaniel.


The first step officers took at the scene was to make sure everyone was safe.


“They cordoned off the area, and notified the residents that there might be some danger,” said McDaniel.


Dave Davidson lives next door to the synagogue.


“The police came to the door and told us what was going on next door, that there was a suspicious package, and told us they would like us to evacuate,” said Davidson.


The Jonesboro Police Department contacted several agencies for assistance, including the Little Rock Fire Department, who brought along the bomb disposal robot that they used to make sure the package was safe.


“Part of the rendering it safe was to open the package.  We used some of their technology to open the package and view its contents,” said McDaniel.

By "rendering it safe", the contents of the package were destroyed.


Police did reveal to K8 News what the contents of the package were.


“It was a large cardboard box that was covered by black plastic bags.  Once we were able to, with the help of the Little Rock Fire Department, open the box up, what it contained was a telescope,” said McDaniel.

Police don't know if the note and the package are related or not.


“Of course, they could be related, but due to the fact that we inspected the contents of the box and they appear to be benign, we now believe that they may not have been related,” said McDaniel.


While Sergeant McDaniel couldn't tell us ever