New Theme, New Image for ASU

March 27, 2006 6:35 PM CST


JONESBORO, AR -- Officials at Arkansas S tate U niversity, J onesboro unveiled its new theme, “Powering Minds,” Monday.


Students returned to campus from spring break and was greeted with a colorful surprise.  


Scarlet, black and gold colored banners were at the center of the campus.  Those are the colors that represent the new theme and image.  


Candace Martin, President of the Student Government Association, said that the theme is a direction towards the future.


“It was so exciting to see something of this affect on the campus, not only because it's introducing something new to the university, but it's bringing back some of our past too,” said Martin.     


There’s a scholar on the banner also, which officials said is “symbolic of ASU’s mission to educate, enhance and enrich lives by ‘Powering Minds.’”   


Len Frey, Dean of the C ollege of B usiness said that the new theme is the beginning of more good things to come for the students.   


“We're able to, in some small part, transform students through our educational process…empower them, power them… and allow them to leave here hopefully, and able to contribute to society in a productive manner,” said Frey.  


School officials said they are glad that a three-year strategic planning process is now exposed to the students and the community.


The 10 thousand plus students at ASU now have proof to show that there is power in the mind of a scholar.