Mall at Turtle Creek Economics

This Wednesday The Mall at Turtle Creek officially opens. We've watched as the building has progressed and it is almost hard to believe that two years ago this was a vacant field. Bruce Burrow, David Hocker and Marty Belz have done an amazing job creating this development… and you have responded accordingly.

Target and JC Penney opened last fall to huge crowds and even larger crowds are expected when the doors open this week. With this new development Jonesboro is beginning to fill that last void in terms of being a complete regional hub. The community has been considered the industrial, medical and educational hub for several years… now shopping can finally be added to the list.

Consider This – Projections are that the mall will create 1500 jobs… at least 900 of those jobs will be new to the market. Revenue projections are that the Mall will generate over 200 Million dollars in sales… with 100 million of that coming from residents who previously would have traveled to east Tennessee to shop. If that figure holds true… that will mean significant revenue increases for the state and the city.

In case you have forgotten, the approval of a Tax Increment Financing District… or TIF by the Jonesboro City Council had a big impact on the development of the new mall. Maybe the mall would have been built without the TIF, but certainly that improved the chances of Jonesboro getting this state of the art complex. We applaud the efforts of the council in making that decision.

The grand opening of The Mall at Turtle Creek is an exciting time for Jonesboro and the entire region. This is just the start of many new opportunities on the horizon… in fact, with this development, it seems Jonesboro is beginning to transition from a “town” into an emerging city.

As the growth continues in Jonesboro there are many other topics that will need to be addressed in the coming months… We’ll discuss several of those next week.

Today we celebrate the opening of the Mall at Turtle Creek. We encourage you to shop Region 8 first… to spend your money locally… and with the grand opening of The Mall at Turtle Creek this Wednesday you'll have many more shopping options where you can do just that.