Craighead Forest Park--New and Improved

March 28, 2006 -- 5:45 PM CST


JONESBORO, AR -- Several improvement projects at Craighead Forest Park are almost near completion.   The completions may come just in time for the warm weather that’s approaching.


Craighead F orest P ark will be new and improved soon.   Park officials have built a new castle theme park, among several other play areas.


Jason Wilkie, Director of Parks and Recreation, said that this is just the beginning.


“Our vision for this…it would be like "C entral P ark" in N ew York…have a forest inside a city,” said Wilkie.


The C raighead F orest L ake has also been improved.   The lake was drained last year, but water is pumping into the lake through a well and pump system.   It should be filled completely by the Summer.


“The pump is continuing to run,” said Wilkie.   “We're pumping about 400 gallons a minute into the lake, and it seems to be helping.” 


Officials have also created a habitat island for the numerous geese that live at the park.


Wilkie said that he hopes the community will be pleased with the new improvements.


Renovations of C raighead F orest P ark were made possible by the A rkansas Game and Fish Commission and the City of J onesboro.