Lampe Berger

Only Lampe Berger...
• Cleanse and purify indoor air
• Destroy 68% of bacteria found in the air
• Eliminate household odors and pollution
• Fragrance the air

Lampe Berger History 

It all began in France in 1898 in the dispenary of a Parisian pharmacist, Maurice Berger. Trying to find a process to purify the air, he discovered the beneficial effect of the catalytic combustion of a specific product, ozoalcohol, and he filed the patent for a "new lamp system for purifying the air".

Thus the Lampe Berger was born, along with its unique and constantly improved process that has proven its efficacy over time.

Although initially it was used only by the medical world for its antibacterial powers, it came to interest the greatest designers of the time: Coco Chanel, Lalique, Galle, the Daum crystal glass works and Baccarat . . . The Lampe Berger became a feature at the salons of the Belle Epoque, and developed a new function, fragrancing, that made it even more popular.

Today, whether in simple styles and materials, or dressed up by the great contemporary designers, the Lampe Berger is still equally as famous and its secret is still equally as famous as it is passed down from generation to generation....

Almond Pear NEW New Orleans Signature Scents
Fresh Eucalyptus NEW Patchouli Honeydew Sylla
Amber Powder Royal Jasmine Ystre
Atlantic Tide Supreme Peach Tara
Crème Brûlée Tangerine Zests Horis
Cinnamon Rolls Victoria Roses Yptus
Charleston Wild Peony Solal
Cyprus Breeze Peppermint Ella
Fresh Blackberry Ocean Breeze Sacha
Gardenia Orange Cinnamon
Lavender Fields Rosebay
Green Apple Southern Vanilla
Lily of the Valley Sweet Pear
Exotique Verbena Harvest
Honeysuckle Delight Winterwood
Lampe Berger Recipes
Peaches & Cream 3/4 portion of Supreme Peach and 1/4 Crème Brûlée
Carmel Apple Portions of Green Apple and Crème Brûlée
Apple Cobbler Portions of Cinnamon and Green Apple
Daydream 3/4 Portions of Ocean Breeze and 1/4 Lavender
Clean Linen Portions of Ocean Breeze and Lemon/Verbena
Hurricane Portions of Ocean Breeze and New Orleans
Mardi Gras Portions of New Orleans and Amber
Dreamcicle Portions of Tangerine and Vanilla
Apple Pie a la Mode Portions of Green Apple and Vanilla
Bourbon Street Brothel 3/4 portion of New Orleans and 1/4 Gardenia
Fresh Cotton Portions of Neutral, Ocean Breeze, and Verbena
The Garden District Portions of Royal Jasmine, New Orleans, and Winterwood
Midsummer Night Portions of Verbena and Cypress
Baked Pear 3/4 Sweet Pear and 1/4 Vanilla
Spiced Pear Portions of Sweet Pear and Cinnamon
Citrus Berry Crumble Portions of Tangerine and Blackberry
Night Before Christmas Portions of Heavenly Spruce and Lavender
Candied Almonds 1/2 portion of Exotique and 1/2 Cinnamon
Orange Smoothie 1/3 Tangerine, 1/3 Cinnamon, & 1/3 Vanilla