Walnut Ridge Racing

March 31 2006--Posted at 6:30 p.m. CST

WALNUT RIDGE, AR--If you have a need for speed Lawrence County is the place to be this weekend. The Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce and the Sports Car Club of America are hosting the Tire Rack National Tour in Walnut Ridge.

"Your going to see about 250 of the fastest cars in the country running against each other," said 3 time champion Grady Wood.

It's national tour with stops in Atlanta, Houston, San Diego and here in Region 8. It's an event where racers show off their stuff in a street course on the airport black top.

"This is the only event that is being held in United States that is in a rural event, all of the other events are held in major metropolitan areas," said Ted Moskal of the Lawrence County Chamber of Commerce.

Friday drivers started to trickle in from as far away as San Francisco for test runs of these fine tuned machines.

"I can assure you if you are inside of it, it is exciting, because you’re flailing around in it," said Wood.

Walnut Ridge is only one of a couple of stops on tour where drivers have back to back events in the same town. It's an opportunity for Lawrence County and surrounding counties to get a major economic boost.

"It has an impact just from the drivers an economic impact of $650, 000," said Moskal.

Around 4000 people are expected to attend this weekend's races. Even though the cars look fancy, for the majority of drivers cars are a hobby.

"Most of these people have done most of this on their own. They love cars, they are car people," said Wood.

The only cost for spectators to enjoy the races is $3 for parking. The races both weekend start at 9 a.m. and will run throughout the day.  In addition to next weekends Pro-Solo races, the Walnut Ridge Regional Airport will be hosting a car show and the Spring Festival.