Neighborhood gets Spring Cleaning

April 1, 2006 -- 4:50 PM CST


JONESBORO, AR -- Volunteers and church groups lent a helping hand by doing a little spring cleaning to one Jonesboro neighborhood Saturday morning.  

Project J onesboro has been working hard in the community for over six years.    During the last year, the project has attracted the interest of several church groups.  

Pastor Scott Voss of J onesboro W orship C enter said it's time for a change.

"We're just trying to make a difference in our community," said Voss.   "W e receive a lot from living in this community and we want to make it a better and safer place." 

Pastor Mitch Maher of F ellowship B ible C hurch, and some of his members, went from street to street to clean up the area.  

"I hope it says to the community that the church is here… really to be externally focused…we look for needs in the community that we can meet," said Maher.     

Voss said that he challenges everyone to be a part of Project J onesboro to make a difference in the community.  

"We want to give back," he said.     

Judy Furr, Project Coordinator, said that she was pleased so many people came out to help.

"Today we took a very large area that we didn't think we'd have any chance in getting done, and we are finding that the volunteers came out…they came out and rose to the occasion," said Furr.      

Furr said that Project J onesboro is not just about cleaning, but about being neighborly.  

"We used to be a front-porch society…where everybody sat on the porch and you knew all of your neighbors," said Furr.   "W e're not that way anymore."