Wild Winds Rip Through Region 8

April 2, 2006 -- 10:45 PM CST

RANDOLPH/GREENE COUNTIES -- The winter weather is gone, but severe weather passed through Region 8 Sunday evening.

Strong winds left a mark on several areas in Northeast Arkansas. It was a mad scene on Highway 67 in Shannon, about 3 miles south of Pocahontas, after insane winds ripped through the area.

Neighbors stood outside to evaluate the scene. Power lines were down, fields were flooded, trees were cracked down the middle and road signs were bent out of shape.

Traffic was not at its usual flow along the highway. A police officer stood in the middle of traffic to keep the cars moving.

The severity of the storm didn't discriminate. There was also damage in Delaplaine. Winds swept through a farm building there where a tractor was housed.

After the storm passed, winds began to calm and the sun came out. The storm is over, but neighborhoods are left with destruction and misery.

K8 News will have more on the severe weather throughout Region 8 on Monday, including hard hit areas in Ravenden Springs, Marmaduke, Dunklin County, and near Wynne in Cross County.