Storm Damages Region 8 School

April 2, 2006 – Posted at 11:02 p.m. CST

NEELYVILLE, MO -- Storm damage also rolled through Southeast Missouri Sunday afternoon. Reports of damage have been coming in from Butler, Dunklin and Ripley counties.

The Neelyville Elementary school in western Butler County had its roof torn off during the severe weather Sunday afternoon. Crews were on the scene picking up the pieces.

"We've got most of the mess cleaned up, the water didn't get into the building, so we think its fine for kids," said Superintendent Larry Graves.

Classes are in session for Monday.

"One end of the building was pulled off. Part of the roof was pulled lose we think. We'll have to have it checked out tomorrow and verify that. We think it's mostly still there," said Graves.

A scary event...especially from a child's perspective.

"It was swirling, like hard wind and there was a tree over there that fell down, and there was another one," said sixth grader Jess Leonard, "It's all kinds of damage and all I saw was just metal and trees falling down, I was frightened."

"I was told we had sustained winds over 60 miles per hour and some people said they saw a funnel cloud come down over the elementary and pull the roof lose," said Graves, "It could have been way worse...I guess we're fortunate that it wasn't any worse then it is."