Tornado Rips Thru Marmaduke, Leaves Severe Damage in It's Wake

April 2, 2006 - Posted at 9:55 p.m. CST

Jonesboro, AR_Severe storms made their way thru Region 8 today, leaving tremedous damage in it's wake. The town that received that most damage would have to be the town of Marmaduke in Greene County. Powerlines, trees, and structural damage could be seen all over town. It was even reported that a woman was trapted inside of home due to the weather. Much of the town seems to be unliveable at this point. National Guard members have been called to the area to help with the disaster clean-up. A red cross shelter has been set up at the Paragould City Hall were emergency donations can be made. Stay tuned to K8 News and we'll keep you updated with the latest information from today's severe weather.