Picking up the Pieces after Storm Hits Region 8

April 3, 2006 -- 5:45 PM CST


DELAPLAINE, AR -- Delaplaine residents were left with destruction and misery after strong winds swept through the town.  


Wild winds ripped through several parts of the areas and people there were left picking up the pieces.


David Ball of O' Kean, AR, said that he got a good look at the twister as it passed through Delaplaine.


“It was pretty tall in the air," he said.   "A ll you could see was white on the ground."


Several homes were destroyed in the area too.   Angela Meredith’s home was damaged on the inside and the outside.


"It took us a little bit to walk in and see what all it had done, but it did quite a bit of damage," said Meredith.


She said that she and her family left their home in the nick of time.


"We started seeing the tornado come in our direction.    We decided it was best for us to leave than to stay here, so we took off."


After the storm passed, Meredith and her family went back to their home to assess the damage.


"Thirty minutes after it happened, people were calling… wondering what they could do and they started coming in and helping us," she said.


Petrified that her furniture would be destroyed form rain, Meredith and people in the community moved several loads of furniture to storage.


There is little doubt that cleaning up the mess is not going to be cheap, and it’s not going to be easy.   


Despite all the damage, Meredith is not holding any grudges.   She’s just happy that her family is safe and sound.


"We were able to salvage most of what we had, and I'm just thankful for that."