"Operation: Mending Marmaduke" a success

April 4, 2006 -- Posted at 5:24 p.m. CST


JONESBORO, AR -- In our effort to help residents of Marmaduke who lost everything in Sunday night’s storms, the Triple FM radio group and KAIT have teamed up for “Operation:  Mending Marmaduke”.


We set up in the parking lot of Indian Mall taking donations from “Good Neighbors” in Region 8.


“My heart just goes out to the people of Marmaduke.  I just wanted to do anything I could to help them,” said Pam Kale.


“We asked the officials up in Marmaduke how we could help out and they said they need cleaning supplies, they need bottled water, and they need tarps really bad,” said Bill Pressly of the Triple FM radio group.


By noon Tuesday, Region 8 residents filled the empty pallets and the empty money jar.


“I just wanted to help.  I just heard it and I couldn’t help wanting to come here,” said Janet Woodruff.


However, it wasn't just adults who responded to the need.  Students at Annie Camp Junior High School donated a total of over $270.


This all goes to show the type of response residents in Region 8 have for their “Good Neighbors”.


“Whenever we have a crisis like this, everyone always comes through.  You don’t ever have to ask more than once.  They always come right to the rescue,” said Pressly.


“Everyone does their part.  We have a great – I don’t live here, I live in Walnut Ridge, but I always see Jonesboro coming together to help people,” said Peggy Dame.


We delivered the truck full of supplies to Marmaduke on Tuesday afternoon for our “Good Neighbors” in need.


Collected items include:  bottled water, cleaning supplies, paper towels, work gloves, tarps, and sheets of plastic.


In cash, Region 8 has donated $11,433.22.


The command center in Marmaduke is located at the high school.  Families seeking assistance can go there for help.