Sky is Falling?

April 4, 2005--Posted at 10:30pm
OTWELL-- Arkansas state police were puzzled as they were called to Poinsett county today to investigate an object that fell from the sky... Police were called to a field along highway 49 just inside the Poinsett county line.
They found what appeared to be part of an engine from an airplane.
The property owner says he didn't actually see the object fall so he was unsure what it was when he discovered it in his field. Police say their were no injuries reported from the incident.
They say this is the first call they've received like this one, and they're still unsure of all the details.
"I don't know what type of plane or what exactly happened. The Federal Aviation Administration has been notified and they are on their way and they will investigate it," Arkansas State Police Trooper Darrin Austin says.
However, sources tell k-8 news that it was an engine from a Fed-Ex DC-10 plane that later landed in Memphis.