Tornado Wipes Out Parts of Cross County

MARCH 3, 2006 -- POSTED AT 3:30 P.M.

CROSS COUNTY, AR -- Parts of Cross County were also detroyed in Sunday's tornadoes but luckily only 5 minor injuries were reported. K8's Marsha Mays made a trip to her hometown to check out the damages.

One day everything is normal and then mother nature takes her turn, leaving families and businesses in cross county destroyed. Dozens of farms and shops ripped apart, and homes crumbled to the ground.

"It just gives you a sick feeling in your stomach. This is my home, my county and my people and my friends. People we know have just lost everything. You try to put yourself in their place and see how they feel, but there's just no way to do that. But I certainly feel for them," says Cross County Sheriff Ronnie Baldwin.

So what about the families who were in the homes when the tornado blew through? Rhonda Andrews said she was sleeping when her neighbor awoke her in a panic.

"Something just made me go back to the bathroom and I just barely got in there and held on the tub. I heard the hail, the debris was so bad, but the pressure was just unbelievable," says Rhonda Andrews, a Cross County Resident who lost her home in the storm.

Her bedroom was destroyed. The only part of the house that remained untouched was the bathtub she was lying in. She tried to describe her feelings when she was able to see the damage.

"You just can't think. You're just numb really and right now we're just still numb. It hasn't set in yet that everything's gone," says Andrews.

Everyone says the damage speaks for itself. Its a total loss, but in the mist of all this, they say they're thankful, thankful everyone made it out o.k.

But where do they go from here? Some families had no homeowner's insurance and are left with absolutely nothing.

"I don't know right now. We'll just have to wait and see and find a place. We've got our things, just try to see what we can salvage right now and just go from there," says Andrews.