Weather Puts Damper on Tornado Cleanup

APRIL 6, 2006 -- POSTED AT 9:15 P.M.

SHANNON, AR -- After Sunday's storms ripped through parts of Region 8, homes and businesses definitely came face to face with destruction.Shannon, just south of Pocahontas, was one of many places to take a blow from Mother Nature. One resident, whose home was damaged in the storm, tried to recall his thoughts when he first saw the devastation.

"You get to looking around and the neighbor's house doesn't even have a roof on it at all. The back wall is gone. You just can't believe it happened," says Darrell Mathews.

Regardless, Mathews said they immediately began the repairs, but that was put on hold Thursday afternoon. The people are trying to pick up the pieces and rebuild their lives, but the weather just doesn't seem to cooperate.

"I'm worried. I don't think we're going to get the roof on in time," says Mathews.

So what if more bad weather hits again?

"I don't have a cellar, so I guess we'll go back to the hall closet if it gets that bad. We'll just have to hope and pray I guess," says Mathews.

We asked Mathews what he thought about this area. A place he's called home for nearly 40 years. You bear through one storm, start cleaning up, and then another set of storms heads your way.

"Floods or earthquakes. You can't hardly pick a place that there's not going to be something the matter. And home is home," says Mathews.