Surviving the Flames

Makayla Lynne Jonda was a beautiful three year old. A california girl with long blonde hair and a golden tan. Until a family trip to the beach turned into a nightmare. Her Grandmother Lynne Langford of Jonesboro says, "It was horrifying and my first question was to God why. Why did you let this happen to Makala.
    Many California beaches are having a problem of epidimic proportions. Ten people this summer have fallen into fire pits used to cookout on the beach. Makayla was among the victims. Her Grandmother was there when it happened. "My Grandson saw her come up out of the fire pit and said her hair is on fire."
    They rushed Makala to the cold shower, as people on the beached rushed to help. "I said here, and I handed my son in-laws glasses and wallet, and cell phone and everything important to him, and gave it to a total stranger, but I felt perfectly comfortable doing that. I feel like God just sent her and lots of people to us."
    On the way to the hospital, Lynne was making phone calls to get the prayer chain rolling."They gave her 10 miligrams of morphin and you would never have known she even had a Tylenol. It took four people to hold her down to do what we needed to do."
   The chared skin had to be removed and the burns had to be treated. "Within 15 minutes people were praying and we knew it." Lynne says they could feel the peace. Even then, they knew Makala would get better, but it was going to be a day by day, night by night process. "I'd just get up in bed and we'd sing and pray, and talk and she'd say I know Jesus going to heal me."
     As she looked at the pictures of her Granddaughter Lynne showed the emotion of a Grandmother who had seen the worst.  "Its very hard for me to look at the pictures because I was there and I know the pain that she went through I heard the screams. That was the hardest part for me. If I could have taken the pain I would have in a heartbeat."
    Makayla is now back home and doing much better.  She has at least a years worth of recovery left, but thanks to the Power of Prayer, she'll get there.