Offbeat: Senior Softballers

April 11, 2006--Posted at 12:00 p.m. CDT

TRUMANN, AR-- There are the kids of summer, the boys of summer, and now the seniors of summer.  It's a senior softball league made up of men 55 and older, with an average age of  70.  Several of the players are in their 80's and one of them is 84.

The league formed ten years ago and right now there are 5 teams from Trumann, Jonesboro, Cherokee Village, Little Rock and Memphis.  The teams meet up at different locations every Tuesday and Thursday with each team playing a double header.  In fact, one year the Jonesboro team played 155 games.

Most of the players say they play because they can.  They say it's all about staying active and excersize, plus it's a chance to hang out with the guys and have a good time.  League organizers hope other Region 8 towns will form senior teams and join the league.