Federal Assistance Arrives in Region 8

April 13, 2006 – Posted at 5:39 p.m. CST

MARMADUKE, AR – Wednesday's Federal Disaster Declaration will help get the ball rolling for victims affected by April 2nd storms.

If your home was damaged or destroyed in Conway, Cross, Fulton, Greene, Lawrence, Randolph or White counties you can call 1-800-621-3362 to file an application with FEMA for federal assistance.

A number of Marmaduke residents who were displaced after a tornado rolled through town have one thing on their mind, to return home.

"If we could get something to stay on our property, we could work on our place longer and watch our stuff," said Marmaduke resident Mike Yarbrough.

A possibility that is now a reality after President Bush approved seven Arkansas counties for Federal Assistance.

"We now know for sure that the homes are moving up from Hope , Arkansas to give these people some hope and a place to live," said Greene County Judge Jesse Dollars.

A welcomed announcement for families who were displaced from the sites they once called home.

"Right now we are staying in a tool shed over in the way, believe I am not complaining glad to have it," said Yarbrough.

Just last month the Yarboroughs made their first payment on their home, which was partially destroyed after the tornado. Although they do plan to rebuild in the same spot, they will welcome any help they can get from FEMA.

"I will be like anyone else, any help we can get will be appreciated, we are going to go on no matter what, might take us some time," said Yarbrough.

Officials received approval for around 150 mobiles home which will be stationed throughout the town for 18 months. The plan is to have 30 to 40 of these homes transported in the first batch.

"I was hoping for this weekend but with the holiday weekend hopefully we will see some homes moving Monday," said Judge Dollars.

In addition to the mobile homes, storm victims in those counties declared Federal Disaster areas will also be eligible for monetary assistance.

"These are strong people and they are ready to move forward we are not going to step back always going forward," said Judge Dollars.

The town of Marmaduke wants to emphasize that residents, for at least another week, are still under a curfew that runs from dusk to daylight.