Taxis versus Buses

April 14, 2006 -- 6:20 PM CST


JONESBORO, AR --  Jonesboro residents will soon have options when it comes to transportation, and George Millsap of Thrifty Cab Company has no hard feelings towards the new transit system that will begin next month.

"I really don't believe it will hurt us that bad," he said.  "The first few days, it may slow us down, but I don't think it will hurt us over a period of time."   

He said that most of his clients are senior citizens.    Robert Burns is a senior, and he said that he's never called for a taxi, and he never will.

"Taxi cabs…I don't fool with them," said Burns.   " I'd rather have the buses."

Millsap said he won’t hold any grudges to those who choose to travel by bus.

"If the people can save money and ride the transit bus and get what they want…hey, I'm for it," said Millsap.   "I mean...i f it puts me out of business…but if it will help my customers...because my customers come first, he added."     

Officials with the J onesboro Economical Transit System (J.E.T.S.) said they want to complement the existing transportation system already in the city.

"That's outstanding that he's putting his customers first, said Joel G ardner of J.E.T.S.  "I like hearing that, but then again, I'm not sure that his customers are going to be the same as our customers."  

People like Leda Southard can't wait for the buses to make their rounds.

"We can go shopping," she said.  "We can also go to the grocery store and to the doctor and all those places."

All the places will be awaiting customers whether they get there by private transportation, by taxi or by J.E.T.S., which will be up and running May 4.