ASU May Get New Mail Provider

April 15, 2006 -- 6:00 PM CST


JONESBORO, AR -- Arkansas State University has held a contract with the United States Postal Service (USPS) for 40 years, but the contract will be null and void October 31.  

University officials said the postal service has been indecisive in the negotiiation process, and has set a deadline for April 18.

"They need to make a decision, and they need to make a decision shortly," said Jennus Burton, Vice President of Finance and Administration.         

Burton said that officials for USPS visited the campus in March, and were still undecided about renegotiations.

"When they came to campus, they did not tell us that they wouldn't sign the lease," he said.   " We could not get them  to answer that question."    

Tiffany Frazier, President of the Student Government Association, said that State University is part of the university's tradition.


"State U niversity separates us from other universities accross the world," she said.   " We're one of three schools that has our own city."

University officials have held preproposal meetings, and have sought other alternatives.

"Mail Service of Mail Masters, was at the preproposal meeting, is already under contract with the university and they do our on campus mail services for us," said Burton. 

Mail Masters and United Parcel Service have expressed interest in becoming the permanent mail service provider for the university, but officials won’t know anything until April 18.