Low Water in Lake Charles

April 16, 2006 -- 9:10 PM CST


POWHATAN, AR -- Lake Charles S tate Park is a popular spot for fishers, but water levels are at a record low, and faithful campers are disappointed.

"It's really sad," said Phyllis Rogers of Jonesboro. "Besides spoiling the look and everything, it just hurts the fishermen."

Rogers has camped at the park since it opened in 1967, and she said the low water is depressing to look at.

The average depth of the lake is about 12 feet, and park officials said the dry spell is the reason for the low levels.

"The lake is low due to...just the lack of rain.    We did not get the rain this Winter and Spring needed to bring the levels back up," said Kendra Harris, Park Assistant Superintendent.    

The park's revenue has gone down due to the drought, but that hasn't stopped diehard camper Charles Noel from camping out.  

"It's a nice park...and well maintained and good management...easy to get along with, said Noel.  

Park Superintendent Randall Watts said that fishermen haven’t complained either.  

"A lot of them have been catching a lot of fish still," he said.  "It really hasn't affected their harvest or anything." 

He said that he appreciates the people who have a sense of loyalty to the park

"Our die hearts...people who come here, who are loyal to the park...they're gonna keep coming...I believe," said Watts.   

The low water levels are only temporary.  The sooner it rains, the sooner the lake will get back to normal.