About Back In Action Of Jonesboro and Non-Surgical Disc Repair

Dr. Jeremy Mckelroy, Back In Action of Jonesboro
Dr. Jeremy Mckelroy, Back In Action of Jonesboro

Do you feel like this patient, who entered our office with severe low back pain from an injury at age twelve; she is now 84 years old. The pain has gotten worse over the last 5 years. She has pain and numbness down both legs with cramping at night. The pain is worse in the right leg and it goes into her toes. This debilitating sharp pain is constant and occurs on a daily basis. Everything she does makes the pain worse. This patient has tried everything with no results and she had given up hope on improving her condition. We are happy to report that after her treatments on the DRX9000, she no longer has low back pain. Most importantly she can enjoy her golden years without low back pain that had plagued her since age twelve.

Are you able to put yourself in this patient's shoes, whose story is not unlike the previous, except she had surgery on her low back in 2000? Now the pain has returned and she is looking for another option, not a repeat surgery. This patient wants to be able to dance without pain, you see the last time she went dancing, it only lasted for one song due to the burning pain in her low back into her feet. Three weeks ago, she went out with her family and was able to dance the night away with no pain, and wake up still pain free in the morning. Now imagine this is you, waking up tomorrow morning with your back pain gone.

Dr. McKelroy,D.C., a Jonesboro native and ASU graduate who also works with ASU's sports teams, said spinal decompression technology was developed about 10 years ago, as the result of an unexpected discovery by NASA. He said astronauts with recorded back pain and compressed discs prior to their space missions returned virtually healed." It was discovered that decompression on intervertebral discs brought on by a no gravity state allows for water, nutrients and oxygen to diffuse into these afflicted areas, which promotes healing. "Dr. McKelroy and his patients are impressed with the effects of the DRX9000: "It's very exciting to me to see something so beneficial to patients work with such great success." With theDRX9000 system's advanced computerized technology, physicians are able to target a specific lumbar disc, providing our patients with the highest quality of medical care. "The key to producing this decompression is the gentle pull that is created by a logarithmic curve. When the distractive forces are generated on this curve, the typical nerve endings' response, which would create muscle spasms, is avoided, thus allowing decompression to occur at the targeted area.

"Maybe you feel like another patient of mine who has felt the benefits of spinal decompression. This patient is 22 years of age with low back pain that has gotten worse over the last two to three years. At its worst, he has difficulty walking and has numbness and tingling across his low back. He has tried pain pills and muscle relaxors, which only provide temporary relief. This patient has degenerative disc disease and a disc bulge in his low back, but he is so young. He is now pain free and most importantly he has his life back at this young age. Patients are screened carefully to determine whether or not they are candidates for the procedure. With a majority of the population experiencing back pain at least once in their lifetime, lower back pain is the most common ailment facing healthcare providers today and the number two reason for hospitalization or visits to the doctor. Disc disease– the most common cause of back pain, costs the American health care system more than $50 billion annually. Today's patients have become more educated to alternative treatment for back pain relief.

After only three weeks of spinal decompression treatment, clinical studies have shown outstanding results in relieving the debilitating pain that may be caused by the previously mentioned conditions, as well as many failed surgery cases. Benefits of the non-surgical procedure include not only pain reduction, but also reduction in use of pain medications, normalization of range of motion, reflex and gait, and recovery of sensory or motor loss. Too, without surgery, patients get better faster with a much higher rate of success, which allows them to return to work faster, or avoid having to stop working in the first place.

I would like the public to use caution when choosing a decompression clinic. You see, with all the research out there supporting spinal decompression and supporting the DRX9000, there are some machines that just do not measure up. So make sure the research that is quoted is the research on the machine that is being used.

"The choice is yours," says Dr. McKelroy. "Do you want to live in pain, or out of pain?" Call to for your free consultation to see if you qualify for this amazing technology. (870-933-6531)