Easter Shootout

April 17, 2006 3:20 PM CST


POCAHONTAS, AR -- Pocahontas police officers wrapped up Easter Sunday by responding to an attempted suicide call.   


Apparantly a man wanted police to take his life, and he was very adamant about it.


Betty James was in her home when the drama began.    She said that it was an Easter she’ll never forget.


"I was watching COPS on TV and the real thing was going on in the yard," said James.    


When officers arrived to the scene, the subject, Lyle Guthrie, went on a shooting rampage.


"One officer was approaching the residence, and as he was approaching the residence, the subject inside fired one round through the wall at the officer," said Chief Chad Mulligan of the Pocahontas Police Department.    


Neighbors said it was like a war zone with shots firing one after the other.


"We were all standing out on the porch, and police said 'y'all get in...there's a shootout going on,' and we all came in and got cover," said Katherine Secrest.   


James lives next door to the subject.    She said that she wasn’t afraid because her lawn was covered with police officers.


"The subject would step into the doorway, and fire rounds from a high-powered rifle in the directions of the officers and the police cars," said Mulligan.  


There were three bullet holes in the police unit and officers walked away uninjured.    Guthrie was shot in the chest and taken to the hospital.  


"The last report I heard...he was stable," said Mulligan.   " The round didn't hit any vital organs or any thing like that, and possibly maybe a release sometime at the end of the week," he added. 


Arakansas State Police have taken over the investigation since a Pocahontas police officer was involved in the shooting.