Finding a Job in a Click of the Mouse

April 18, 2006 -- 5:55 PM CST


JONESBORO, AR -- The "Region 8 Job Link" has been available on K8's website for about three months, but an extra feature has been added to help job seekers.


"Job seekers could not always post their resume," said Stephanie Duckwork, Local Sales Manager at KAIT.  "This is a new added feature that we really hope our viewers will take advantage of."


Jana Holmes said that looking for a job was a pain for her at first.


"When I first decided to change professions, I went on my own and was circling ads in the paper, and calling and trying to make appointments," she said.


Holmes said that going online makes the search very convenient.


"I think that makes it easier to have that access like that...go to, and it's right don't have to search for don't have to look for it...I think it's really good," she said.


The re'sume' feature allows seekers to build a re'sume' by providing information on their work history, skills and education.    The information is then available to potential employers.


"It's not just one-sided anymore." said Duckworth.  "It provides both, the employer and thepotential employee, a place to look...all in one place."


Job placement agengies have taken advatage of the new feature also.


"It's brand new for J onesboro to be able to log on somewhere and find out about a be able to turn on the news and find out about a job...and it's the job that changes people's lives," said Jason Caldarera of Express Personnel Services. 


There's also a section on the website that provides interviewing tips.


"Those tips made me look for five seconds, and realize...if you make eye contact, and you smile...and your body posture and all makes a good difference in an interview," said Holmes.


The click of the mouse can make all the difference.   It may make the difference in being employed or unemployed.   To start a job search click on the "Region 8 Job Link" on KAIT’s home page.