Changes in Store for Sheffield's

April 20, 2006--Posted at 6:45 p.m. CST

JONESBORO, AR--It might be Jonesboro’s newest private club, but Sheffield's is a longtime Jonesboro fixture.

"We're going to have a great menu. Obviously you are going to have to be a member and sign in to come to Sheffield's, but that won't actually take place until we have our re-grand opening in June," said Sheffield's owner Carrie Aquino.

Currently Sheffield's has 7 employees but expects that number to more than double to accommodate more patrons.

"Add bartenders, probably double our wait staff, have an evening group of employees, as well as a dinner group," said Aquino.

In addition, they plan to re-do the balcony area, add a dinner menu, and extend their hours.

"We're currently open from 10:30 to 3 Monday through Friday and basically we are going to be open 10:30 to 9," said Aquino.

With extended hours, Sheffield's hopes to have more private parties in their upstairs rooms. It's a niche they hope will further enhance Jonesboro dining.

"It is large enough to host receptions, engagement parties, and special events so that gives it a nice aspect to it as well," said Sheffield's customer Candace Martin.

Sheffield's isn't the first restaurant in Jonesboro to serve alcohol, but customers feel Sheffield's is different than the others.

"Sheffield's is a lot more reasonably priced, but it is still a really nice dining experience however it's quite affordable," said Martin.

With 3 private clubs now located downtown Sheffield's doesn't view Piero's and Julio's as competition.

"The three private clubs that are down here are going to have different menu angles, so I think we will compliment each other," said Aquino.