Family of the Victim in Corning's Weekend Beating Speaks Out

APRIL 20, 2006 -- POSTED AT 10:00 P.M. CST

JONESBORO, AR -- The brutal beating in Corning over the weekend started as a confrontation, and the victim, Craig Matthew's Mother speaks out with heartfelt concern about what happened to her son.


 “Some racial slurs were made. The "N" word and it just sort of escalated from that. That's all I know,” says Debbie Brown, the victim’s mother.


Craig Matthews was beaten in the head with an aluminum baseball bat. Once an ambulance arrived at the scene, Matthews was immediately transported to the hospital, but because of the severity of his condition, he was air lifted to Southeast Hospital in Cape Girardeau , Missouri .


"He was bleeding from the head. There was blood coming from his ear, so they said they knew they had internal injuries," says Brown.


Matthews has been in the hospital for 5 days now and his mother says his vitals are stable, but he remains in intensive care.


"He cannot talk. He hasn't opened his eyes. He can respond though by squeezing his hand and moving his foot and his leg," says Brown.


"I can't imagine having a child that might be brain damaged. I don't know what we may be dealing with here as he progresses, how much he knows or how much he can conceive of what's going on around him," says Brown.


Matthew's mother not only hopes for the full recovery of her son, but she hopes that this will teach others that racism shouldn't be an issue this day and age.


“Maybe there will be some changes made in Corning, Arkansas or any place else that is doing this kind of stuff. It needs to be exposed. I hate that it had to come through my son, that he had to be used for this, but maybe some good can come out of it,” says Brown.


As for now, Matthew's friends and family are by his side, hoping and praying that everything turns out for the best.