Star Studded Premiere in Paragould

April 20, 2006--Posted at 11:00 pm

PARAGOULD--Conservative Films and Entertainment joined forces with Paragould's Cinema 8 to make a difference in the lives of Marmaduke tornado victims. 

A world premiere of the movie Think Tank was all the rage tonight in Greene County.

The star's we're aligned in Paragould as the cast of Think Tank came together for a world premiere and a good cause.
 A unique mix of humor and personality gives a few small town guys the chance to shine.

"We can make movies everyone can enjoy without being offended or having their morals trampled on. Things like that," CEO of Conservative Films & Entertainment David Stidham says.

From the producer's of Napoleon Dynamite, a movie that's already fully ingrained in pop culture, comes Think Tank.
 A movie Brian Peterson, a director and actor in both films, says he's just honored to be a part of.

"The success of Napoleon was great. We're just happy to find success at any level. All the people coming out here today in Paragould are surprising us. We had no idea," Brian Peterson says. 
And Brian's friends, also stars of think tank, are not shy about their roles...
"Especially every scene I'm in... It's just the best... The jokes are the funniest, the people are the best looking," Cast Member Keith Paugh says.

"It's a bunch of guys that think they're these smart genius guys but really they're just a bunch of dorks. But everything is from the heart," Cast Member Micheal Miranda says. 

They're just a bunch of guys  who think funny,  with a little heart. And with proceeds of the premiere going to Marmaduke tornado victims, the cast of think tank is not just making people laugh, they're changing lives.

"There's something devastating about how it picks this house but not that house. I can't even put it into words," Stidham says.