Lyon College adds a Young Trustee to Their Board

April 21, 2006 -- Posted at 3:35 p.m. CST


BATESVILLE, AR -- 21-year-old Adam Long is a newly elected member of the board of trustees atLyon College.


Long was elected by the senior class on Thursday for a two-year term that will begin when he graduates in May.


“It’s an exciting, wonderful opportunity, and I look forward to it,” said Adam Long.


This addition is new to Lyon College.


“This is the first time we’ve done this.  We started earlier in the fall working on some revisions to our honor code,” said Long.


Revisions that have led to this major change, one Long says is needed.


“I think it will put a new perspective on the board of trustees.  I think it really shows what Lyon is all about, which is giving the students a chance to lead,” said Long.


“They have a particular perspective on student life at the college.  It was sort of natural for us when we thought about expanding our board to include a couple of our young alumni,” said Lyon President Walter Roettger.


Other board members feel that their young trustee will be a great addition to the board.


“I know Adam just a little bit from his work as a student.  He’s a very qualified young man, and I think he’s going to bring a lot to the board,” said Roettger.


Another election will be held next spring to elect a member of that senior class to the board.  The elections will continue each year after that.