Julio's Finally Opens Its' Doors

JONESBORO, AR -- We've all seen the process of Julio's, the Tex-Mex Restaurant in Downtown Jonesboro; From construction and remodeling, to the wait for the health inspection approval, to finally, the opening of the restaurant. But Julio's isn't your average Jonesboro eatery, it serves alcohol. However, Julio's says regardless, that isn't their main focus.


"More than anything, we are not focused on our liquor license, it just simply adds to the ambience and the great food. Being able to come downtown and have a cold beer with some fabulous fajitas or tacos, you just can't beat that," says Cindy Bryant, the head waitress at Julio's.


With Julio's finally up and running, what are their expectations?


"I think it will bring a lot of college kids in and a lot of younger people, where as a lot of other restaurants that don't have it, don't bring a lot of young people in. I think it will really help, we're going to get some TV's and have some sports nights and stuff like that," says Tabitha Burke, a bartender at Julio's.


Even though downtown businesses have faced much opposition over liquor licenses, Julio's was standing room only last night and with tonight being the first night open to the public, they expect to be even busier.


Many people eating and drinking at Julio's Friday night told us the opening has been a long time coming.


“I'm glad they've finally opened. We've always needed a place to sit and drink with dinner and I just really enjoy it here,” says Marc Brewington, a Jonesboro resident.


But what about the opposition?


“We're a city now. We're not a cow polk town like back in the 50's and liquor licenses are here to stay, as witnessed by Sheffield's just getting one. It's not a moral issue. Some people have got their hang-ups and that's their hang-ups,” says Tom Gschend, a Jonesboro resident.


Julio's isn't the only downtown restaurant serving liquor. The restaurant right across the street, Pierro's, has been serving since last year. And as of this week another downtown restaurant was approved as well. Sheffield's will soon be added to the list. For those reasons, some think Friday marks a day of change for the city of Jonesboro , but that's something time will only tell.