Scottish Festival Kicks Off in Region 8

April 22, 2006 -- 6:45 PM CST


BATESVILLE, AR -- The Arkansas Scottish Festival kicked off in Batesville this weekend at Lyon College, and people from all over were in Region 8 having a good time.


"I've been coming up here for about 20 years," said Dennis Robertson of Little Rock, AR.   " I enjoy it...get to meet a lot of old friends and make new friends."  


Rob Billings drove 10 hours from Baton Rouge, LA, to reflect on his Scottish heritage.


"I came up to Batesville to go to the Scottish highland games, he said.   " I thought it would be an interesting and fun time." 


Billings said that he enjoys watching the highland dance, but he also feels strongly about keeping his history alive.


"Even though I'm in the melting pot of America, and part of the crew...and part of the entire...of what makes America...America, I still want to remember my own heritage and where I came from."  


There were also booths available with literature for people who were unsure of their heritage.


"It's important to maintain your individuality in this say 'this is where I'm from...this is what I'm about,'" said Bill lings.   


Robertson said that Region 8 has more scottish heritage than people think.


"Eighty something percent of people in A rkansas have some kind of Scottish roots," he said.


Billings said that people get the best of both worlds when they know more about their history.


"I have two homes," he said.  "I have A merica as a home, and I have S cotland as a home."    


There's no place like home...especially when someone has two of them.