The Future of Future Science Teachers

April 23, 2006 2:00 PM CST


JONESBORO, AR -- Tweleve universities around the state have a program that specialiizes in teaching future science teachers, and $570,000 are needed to continue the programs.

The Legislature met Friday to formally adjourn the special session that was called earlier this month, and they also discussed the funding of this program.

The bill that supports program funding was vetoed by Governor Huckabee, but Legislators overrode the veto Friday.

"If we did not go ahead and support this override, what was gonna happen was, the money was gonna simply run out in October," said Senator Paul Bookout.    

Although Governor Huckabee supports the program, he wanted the money to come out of surplus state revenue, instead of the Higher Eduacation Grants Account.

"The governor was concerned that if the money came out of this particular account, that some higher educational scholarships would be in jeopardy," said Bookout.   

Bookout said that there will still be enough money available to continue the program.

"I think the governor understood it was a technical difference of opinion of how the money was gonna be apropriated." 

He also said that the Legislature wanted to address this issue quickly tokeep in place the speacialized teachers who direct the programs.

"They were starting to already look for different positions in different parts of the country, because it was apparant that it (the money) was gonna run out, so that is the reason why this needed to be dealt with right now."

At this point, it seems the issue is no longer a problem.