Two More Suspects On Warrant Watch

This week on Warrant Watch we have two people who are a little tardy when it comes to writing checks.

Let's get it started with Steffond Blankenship.  He's a specialist in putting off paying the bills. He has 10 non-payment of fines warrants out of Jonesboro.

We have ourselves an a-k-a this week. Dorothy Hafner, aka Dorothy Rodriguez Moreno has enough warrants for two people. She has 15 non-payment of fines warrants.

If you know were to find Dorothy Hafner, aka Dorothy Rodrigues Moreno, or Steffond Blankenship, that knowledge is worth Crimestoppers cash. Call 935-5562 to get your tip number. That's your ID.  Hang on to it and keep watching Crimestoppers. If there is an arrest in your case, call or email Sgt. Steve McDaniel at JPD and tell him your tip number. He'll tell you if it's worth some Crimestoppers cash. Give 'em a call, and remember when you see crime, call Crimestoppers, 935-5562.