Severe Weather Strikes Region 8 Once Again, but Residents Use More Caution

APRIL 25, 2006 -- POSTED AT 10:30 P.M. CST

NORTHEAST ARKANSAS -- Severe weather hit Region 8 once again Tuesday night. We followed some of the storm cells throughout the area and were able to get up close and personal, but following a storm is something that's quite dangerous and honestly, the recent tornado outbreak that hit this region definitely stayed in the back of our minds.


"Three weeks ago the destruction was so massive, these people are afraid right now, they don't want it to happen again," says K8's Meteorologist Ron Smiley.


Luckily, the weather never turned into tornadic activity tonight, but severe thunderstorms were definitely present in many areas.


A severe thunderstorm warning is issued when 58 mile per hour winds or 3 quarters of an inch in hail are spotted in the area and that's exactly what we saw Tuesday night.


Ron also mentioned that because of the April 2nd storms, people are much more cautious now when severe weather strikes and he said that's something that meteorologists always strive to achieve.


"Before that we had a lot of people that when they'd see rainfall that was just it, but now that awareness is back up where it needs to be," says Ron Smiley.