How to Choose a Cosmetic Dentist

Have you ever thought of improving your smile? Many people find themselves covering their mouth when they smile or laugh because of stained, crooked, chipped teeth, and/or teeth with mismatched dental work. Unfortunately, these habits may result in the person being perceived as shy, sad, unfriendly, aloof, or even angry. However, this doesn't have to be the case for you! When you are happy with your smile, you show it! Smiling frequently conveys feelings of warmth, friendliness, and self-confidence, and we can help you do just that!

Under the care of a highly experienced and extensively trained cosmetic dentist, unattractive teeth and gums can be transformed into the dazzling smile of your dreams! Drs John and Kristy Rowe use their vast experience in performing complex cases, in combination with innovative methods, new technology, and a tranquil, spa-like atmosphere to create an environment that inspires incredible results for each client. This blend of expertise and such a unique approach has allowed many clients to discover Drs. John and Kristy Rowe for a cosmetic smile enhancement that give them more than just an 'okay' or improved smile, but the truly gorgeous smile of their dreams!

Unfortunately, choosing the right cosmetic dentist can be a very daunting and difficult task. It is ultimately a personal decision that every individual must make for themselves, it must be "right" for them. We have included a few things that you may want to take into consideration when choosing a cosmetic dentist.


1. Post graduate training in Cosmetic Dentistry – Since most dental schools don't teach cosmetic dentistry, you should make sure that the doctor has completed a significant number of hands-on courses in cosmetic dentistry, as well as hundreds of hours of other cutting edge professional continuing education courses. Remember a veneer is not a veneer! Although near perfect smiles are what people have come to expect from veneers, all are not created equal!

2. Extensive Smile Design Experience - If you are considering having any kind of cosmetic dentistry, you should ask how many cases like yours the doctor has preformed, and what exactly the doctor envisions for you. You want to make sure that the doctor listens to you and understands your concerns and desires.

3. Before and After Photos – Make sure that you look at before and after photos of work that the doctor you are considering using has actually done. You want to make sure that you are seeing work that the doctor has done, that you are happy with the results, and that there are cases similar to yours. If the doctor doesn't offer these kind of photos, ask to see them!