Are All Veneers Created Equally?

Although near perfect smiles are what we have come to expect from veneers, unfortunately all veneers are not created equally. True quality porcelain veneers are custom made from many thin layers of porcelain, and when they are bonded to the front portion of a tooth for strength and durability, an experienced cosmetic dentist can give you the beautiful, healthy, new smile of your dreams. When used properly, veneers can be used to close unwanted spaces between teeth, change the color, shape or size of your natural teeth, and replace missing, chipped, or malpositioned teeth. Veneers are a surprisingly easy and fun way to achieve that dazzling and radiant smile and self-confidence, once only available to actors, models, and rock stars.

Creating beautiful new smiles is truly a unique blend of art and science. Any time elective enhancements are made to your smile, there are many factors that must be taken into consideration – this is where the smile design expertise of a cosmetic dentist is of crucial importance. If you have ever seen dental work that looks unnatural, then you must know that all of the important factors were not taken into consideration. If you are considering having any type of cosmetic dentistry, then you owe it to yourself to seek out a dentist highly trained in the areas of cosmetic dentistry and smile design. When done properly, veneers should look and feel like your real teeth, and they should beautifully fit your face, smile and personality. Since our veneers are customized exclusively for you, we are meticulous in creating veneers that are the proper size, shape and color for your smile.

Another thing to take into consideration, is the relationship between the cosmetic dentist and their chosen ceramist. Our master ceramist actually creates each of your veneers individually – it is a custom, hand made product crafted just for you. It is an extremely complex, tedious, and time-involved process, however, it's totally worth the wait once you see your beautiful, healthy, natural looking new smile.

One of the most common questions we hear from our clients is "Can you make my veneers not look too thick, and can the color actually look real instead of just plain white?" The answer is YES - definitely! Each individual veneer should be a beautiful replica of a natural, healthy tooth. When veneers are created properly, they should look and feel completely natural – like your teeth have always looked this fabulous! People may know that something is different, they just won't know what it is! The secret is - it's the total confidence that you are empowered with once you have your "Rowe Smile".