Business Expo 2006

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JONESBORO, AR -- "It's fun for everybody, plus everyone learns and gets a lot of business out of it," said Cari White of the Jonesboro Regional Chamber of Commerce.

Businesses from across Northeast Arkansas, Little Rock, Memphis and Missouri participated in the 17th annual event.

"This year the theme is the wild, wild west, and it has been very fun.  People have just gone wild with their decorations," laughed White. 

For many businesses, it was an opportunity to see what other businesses in the area have to offer.

"This is a great networking opportunity.  It lets us get out in the community and see what each other is making,  our products our services," said Rhenda Smith, a cost accountant for Nestle.

Even businesses within the same field used Business Expo 2006 to gain knowledge within their industry.

"We have been over to the Post booth, they have been over here," said White, "It is a very friendly atmosphere."

An atmosphere that creates partnerships that will enhance an already growing Northeast Arkansas economy.

"It's great to know what your neighbors are doing, and you can help them out," said Smith.

The event was produced by the Jonesboro Regional Chamber of Commerce and co-sponsored by KAIT. It was a collection of over 270 businesses participating and working towards the same goal.

"That is what we are hoping for, that it makes our Chamber stronger and our businesses stronger," said White.