Offbeat: Eaker Acres

April 28, 2006  CDT

GREENE CO., AR--Like the old sitcom, Green Acres, Eaker Acres is the place to be in Greene county.  Harold Eaker built the place with his own two hands, literally.

Eaker grew up near Lafe, then moved off to Detroit to work for General Motors.  At retirement, he decided to move back to Arkansas and set up shop on 20 acres in Greene county.  The first thing he did was build a lake, needed to build a place to marry his sweetheart. That's when he built the Lattice Lounge and indeed, married his lady, Joyce.

Since then he's built their house, garage, barn, guest house, dock and everything else on the property and he did most of it with just scrap lumber from here and there.  Much of the wood and tin came from burned out homes throughout the area.

Eaker says he's through building, but there's always something that needs adding to or repaired, so he's always busy.  Then there's the grass, and mowing that stuff takes about 6-8 hours a week to keep under control.

Eaker says he stays busy and he loves it.