Film "United 93" Released in Theatres

April 28, 2006 -- Posted at 6:36 p.m. CST


BATESVILLE, AR -- The film “United 93” enters theatres Friday.  The film is the first full-length feature about the terror attacks on September 11, 2001.


The film centers on the lives lost on United Airlines flight 93.


That flight never hit its intended target thanks to those on board.  The plane crashed into a field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.


Mike Low's daughter, Sara, was on another flight, a flight that was the first to be sacrificed on September 11th.


“I think it’s appropriate that the American community be reminded of the terrorists that are still among us.  I think it serves to keep an awareness of what will eventually happen again,” said Low.


It's been almost five years since the terror attacks, and now we are getting an inside look at what the passengers went through on that dark day.


“I think the ‘United 93’ movie is timely.  I think, especially, since the families have all endorsed it,” said Low.


The passengers of Flight 93 will always be remembered for fighting back against the terrorists.  Low says he believes his daughter would have done the same thing on her flight.


“There were heroes on all four flights that day.  There were heroes in the towers and the Pentagon.  I think it’s appropriate that the public be reminded, however painful, of the heroes of that day,” said Low.


Low says the father of United 93 passenger Todd Beamer commented recently about the struggle his son had on Flight 93.


“His son and the passengers on 93 were blessed with the knowledge of what was happening, and what was going to happen, and they were able to fight back,” said Low.


Because of this great loss, we can be better prepared for attacks that Low says will be repeated.


“They’re patient, they’re driven, their sole purpose is to kill all Americans,” said Low.


Although there have been many changes since 9-11, the war on terror is still being fought.  


“Her flight was actually the first battle in this war on terrorism, and I’m extremely proud of her,” said Low.

A documentary has been made by the History Channel about American Airlines flight 11.  That documentary is called, “Zero Hour” and airs Friday, April 28, 2006.


For more information about that film, log onto the History Channel’s website.