14 Arkansas Counties Miss Deadline For Delivering Absentee Ballots

May 02, 2006 -- Posted at 11:00 a.m. CDT
Little Rock, AR -- State election officials say at least 14 Arkansas counties have missed a deadline to deliver absentee ballots to county clerks for mailing to voters for a primary later this month.
The missed deadline was caused by delays in the printing of absentee ballots, and is the latest problem faced by Arkansas counties in their dealings with the contractor responsible for preparing the ballots.
However, it was unclear on Monday if the delay will keep anyone from voting, and the state body that enforces election laws says it won't impose sanctions.
Other problems include improperly printed paper ballots, late delivery of electronic voting equipment, and incorrectly programmed election software.
Early voting for the May 23 primary begins Monday.

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