Drug Bust Keeps Several Pounds of Dope off Streets

May 2, 2006 -- 5:25 PM CDT


JONESBORO, AR -- A  suspected drug dealer was brought into custody by Jonesboro police officers Tuesday morning after a routine traffic stop.


"Officers were conducting an investigation that lead us to this guy bringing narcotics to our area, said Sgt. Jim Chambers of the Jonsboro Police Department Narcotics Division.

Approximately $50,000 worth of illegal drugs were seized from the suspect when officers pulled him over.


"We had reasonable suspicion to believe that he had controlled substances with him, and that was our grounds for stopping him," said Chambers.


Officers pulled the suspect over on Highway 63 and H arrisburg Road.  Sixty pounds of marijuana were concealed, and a kilo of cocaine was hidden in the door panel.    The suspect was also carrying a .357 Magnum firearm.


Chambers said that cocaine is a Class Y felony, which is the worst felony in its class in the State of Arkansas.


"It's punishable by 10-40 years, or life in prison for that much cocaine," said Chambers.   " The firearm that's also involved...it's also a Class Y felony."


The suspect is now in the C raighead C ounty D etention C enter  Police said that the drug bust was part of an ongoing investigation.